Top Engineering Colleges in India 2019 See Complete List with Details

By | June 25, 2019

Top Engineering Colleges in India: In the engineering field, India has a major contribution and give various technologies to the world. This can be only achieved by the help of talented Indian Engineers. Only Indian Engineers have the capability of inventing some device at low cost. The engineering institutes have worked hard to produce these talented engineers. There are many engineering colleges who have their reputation in the world also. Check city wise list of top engineering colleges in India. A list of Top Engineering Colleges in India is given below.

Top Engineering Colleges in India

Engineering may be the dream project for many students. Students who passed XIIth class in science-side (non-medical) can go for the entrance exam which makes the applicant eligible to get admission in the engineering courses. There are various specialisations are there in engineering streams. Some engineering streams and their scope is given below in the links.

Aeronautical Engineering Details.

Genetic Engineering Details.

Chemical Engineering (Career and Scope).

Petroleum Engineering.

Mechanical Engineering.

Biological Engineering.

Top Engineering Colleges in India

                                           All Top Engineering Colleges in India
Sr. No.                           State-wise List
1Top Engineering College in Punjab.
2Top Engineering College in Assam.
3Top Engineering College in Haryana
4Top Engineering College in Maharashtra
5Top Engineering College in Madhya Pradesh
6Top Engineering College in Gujarat
7Top Engineering College in West Bengal
8Top Engineering College in Uttar Pradesh
9Top Engineering College in Bihar
10Top Engineering College in Rajasthan
11Top Engineering College in Uttarakhand
12Top Engineering College in Jammu & Kashmir
13Top Engineering College in Himachal Pradesh
14Top Engineering College in Orissa
15Top Engineering College in Kerala
16Top Engineering College in Karnataka
17Top Engineering College in Tamilnadu
18Top Engineering College in Telangana
19Top Engineering College in Andhra Pradesh
20Top Engineering College in Arunachal Pradesh
21Top Engineering College in Nagaland
22Top Engineering College in Manipur
23Top Engineering College in Mizoram
24Top Engineering College in Tripura
25Top Engineering College in Goa
26Top Engineering College in Chhattisgarh
27Top Engineering College in Jharkhand
28Top Engineering College in Sikkim
29Top Engineering College in Meghalaya

City-wise List for Top Engineering Colleges

                                              All Engineering Colleges/ Institute
Sr. No.                           City-wise List
1Top Engineering College in Delhi
2Top Engineering College in Hyderabad
3Top Engineering College in Mumbai
4Top Engineering College in Kolkata
5Top Engineering College in Patna

Indian Institute of Technology (IITs)

The IIT institutions have a remarkable job in the engineering field. Indian Institute of Technology has its campuses in 23 cities. All IITs have their own importance. The engineers from these IITs works for reputed organisations like ISRO, DRDO, IIT, and other multinational organisations including Reliance, TATA etc. Check the List of Top Aeronautical Engineering Colleges.

National Institute of Technology (NITs)

There are 31 NITs in India. These technical and engineering institutes have all the engineering courses. These are the top-ranked institutes after IITs in India. These institutes offer all UG, PG and doctoral engineering courses. The institutes only accept JEE Main and GATE exam to offer the admission in various courses. NIT means National Institute of Technology. Check courses and scope after 12th class (all streams). These are also in the list of Top Engineering Colleges in India.

Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO)

ISRO is the best example to show the level of Indian Engineers. The organisation has proved that Indians can achieve more in the field of space research. It has a long list of its success milestone. ISRO has completed its 100th space program. It also gets success to propiolate a spacecraft to Mars Planet for the first time and creates history.

Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO)

DRDO is a defence research organisation. The organisation has all the responsibility to create and produce the weapons with technology for modern forces. The organisation also hires the engineers to insert the technology into weapons. All departments of forces (Army, Navy, Air Force and other forces) uses the weapons and instruments including Missiles and aircraft which are purely designed and made by the engineers worked in DRDO.

Parameters to Make a List of Top Institutes

There are many parameters which make any institute best if achieved (Top Engineering Colleges in India). The standards will be designed by the top authorities of international standards. Check 12th Commerce based courses. The parameters are given below.

  • Quality of Education.
  • Infrastructure.
  • Library.
  • Quality of Laboratory.
  • Faculty.
  • Placement.
  • Research Development Programs.
  • Foreign Intakes.
  • Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Top Institutions.

Quality of Education: This is the basic need of every institution. If we cannot deliver the best education they cannot get the desired result. So the above-given institutes provide a quality of education in engineering as possible.

Infrastructure: The infrastructure should complete the study environment for every student. If all the facilities are available on the campus then students can achieve more. If any institute is not able to provide the facilities then students cannot do their best. The institutes given in the above link have all the infrastructure facilities.

Quality of Laboratory: This is the most important factor when there is a talk on Research Department of the institute. The institutes must have a good lab if he wants to some special in research.

Faculty: The teaching faculty has an important role to educate and motivate the engineering students. The level of engineering students gives the idea about the teachers from he gains knowledge. The best teaching faculties are provided in the Engineering Colleges in India.

Research Development Programs: The engineering institutes in India have remarkable work in research programs. Some of them are achieved by the engineering students in the starting days of their course.

Foreign Intakes: Almost all the engineering colleges have the foreign intake capacity and eligibility criteria for foreign nationals. A huge of amount of foreign students are present in the engineering institutes in India.

Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Top Institutions: IITs and NITs are considered as the institutions of national importance. These institutes have MoUs (Memorandum of Understanding) with various top institutes/ universities. Only IIT New Delhi has 90 MoUs with foreign universities such as Texas Tech University, United States, The University of Tokyo and many more.


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