How to Prepare for 10th Board Exams – Study Plan, Preparation Tips and Important Tricks

By | June 20, 2019

How to Prepare for 10th Board Exams – Study Plan, Preparation Tips and Important Tricks, Simple Steps to Preppration for 10th Board Exams, Important Tips 

How to Prepare for 10th Board Exams

Dear Students & Readers Welcome to our educational portal. Board examination are the most important factor for the future studies. Board exams play a vital role in shaping the future career of any student as the marks and grades. The Students pursing for 10th class board examination this year have to prepare hard for their study. It is not easy to prepare for an exam because it is first biggest exam of your life.

Students need to start their exam preparation with starting their session and prepared till the examination end. Students need to hard preparation for their examination to get good marks and percentage. We are given some tips which will help you in preparing for your 10th Board examinations. Students should check the given below details.

How to Prepare for 10th Board Exams

10th Board Exam Study Plan

Students need to start their exam preparation with an appropriate study plan. We are given some Tips and tricks for study planning here on this page; you should check all the points carefully and follow for exam preparations.

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Follow your Class Lesions

Class lessons are the best way to understand the topics of your syllabus. Students need to attend their all classes and lessons and always present in your class. After finished the school time, students need to revise the topics what you have studies in the class that day on their home. In any confusion, students need to clear their problems with your teacher on next day class.

Study corner at Home

Students need to make a best and quite study place in your home where nobody disturbs you at your study time. Students need to avoid all entertaining gadgets like TV, mobile and internet from your study place. Students need to focus only for their studies.

Solve Sample Papers

Students need to carry 10 years previous papers and various sample papers from bookstores in the market. Students trying to solve previous year question papers and practice with sample papers also. It will help the students for their perfect preparations and students get the better idea of the exam format through the previous question papers. Students need to check the questions according to topic wise also and solve them at the end of each topic.

Make Brief Notes

Students need to make their notes from starting of the session. Making brief notes are very useful in the exam preparations and study for board examination. Students need to marks precise notes from your text books and reference books and from your class lessons. Students need to prepared separate notes for each subject.  Notes are good stuff for revision at near of examination time.

Don’t Leave Topics for the end

Some students have a common thing that they leaving some topics and lessons for the end. It is a bad habit which is may create a pressure on you at the revision time. Students need to cover all topics always before 2 month of examination start.


At the time of examination do not read any new book and reference notes, it will be make you confused and it will mesh up whatever you have studied. At revision time students need to studies with their notes. Before starting their revision, students need to have completed their entire syllabus. A good revision can make your best score in board examinations.

Stay Fit and have a healthy Diet

For good exam preparation students need to follow the proper exercise, healthy diet and comfortable sleep. Rest and sleep on time are very important for best learning. Students need to follow a healthy diet and do yoga, exercise and meditation; it will help you to in better in your studies and stay completely free of stress. Candidates need to keep their exam preparation well for the exams then you will do it fine.

Go through the Syllabus

Students are not aware about the syllabus in the 10th Standard examination because students have a affinity to follow the instructions of their teachers. Students are needed to check their exam syllabus from the boards official website and download it in PDF format. Students can also consult with their teachers about their syllabus. To get high marks, students need to cover the entire syllabus.

Make a Time Table

Students make planning is the most important factor for exam preparations. Prepare a time table for board preparations and give enough time for each subject. Students need to choose the time for daily schedule. Students need to include short breaks between long hours of studies. Students need to give some time for playing, entraining and re-energizing yourself.

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Strength & Weakness

Candidates need to find out their strength and weakness. Work on your week points and try to improve them. Students can take help for your week topics from you class teachers, classmates and tutors.

Important Exam Preparations Tips 

  1. Candidates should have maintained their best study plan.
  2. Candidates need to use the books of good authors at the preparation time.
  3. You should know about your weakness and try to improve it via regular practice.
  4. Use the Previous year Question papers to know about the exam pattern.
  5. Read all the questions according to examinations time.
  6. Try to learn the shortcuts which is save your time.
  7. Don’t take so much time in solving one question, if you are not able to solve this then move for next questions.
  8. At the exam time, candidates need to lose all the fear and free from all stress to get success.
  9. Candidates should take helps from experts for their guidance.
  10. Best of Luck for your future.

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